Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stability in politics

Stability is not India's destiny perhaps

The massive success of Bharat bandh called by opposition parties has been phenomenal. However illegal it may be called, but such a success of such a movement has been seen after years if not decades. This is obvious looking at the public sentiment that the ruling party will have to pay the price for their arrogance in the next elections whenever conducted. Popular sentiment is that the recent increase in prices of petroleum products is most uncalled for and most unnecessary and unwarranted; more so when the crude prices are hovering around $75 or lesser! This is strange that here in India we have crossed the level of retail price of the petroleum products that was at a time when the crude prices had crossed $135.
As is obvious that the effect of increase in this most essential commodity is the highest in spiraling off the multi-pronged inflationary effect. How this can effect the daily living and the sentiments of the common people seems beyond the comprehension of the ruling party in their arrogance. Just on the next day of the announcement of the hike, the Amul and the Mother dairy announced increase in milk prices by Rs 2 (I am not sure how much petrol do they add to the milk). Paras dairy, Parag dairy and local bhaiyajis sort will follow soon. This has further put beyond reach of children of the common people this most essential commodity. Increase in prices of milk products have been a regular trend anyhow. The prices of milk products have been increased many times in the recent past and these are well over the limit where they could have easily absorbed the increase of 7% or so in the fuel which is a small overhead in the cost of distribution. Rise in prices of milk products have been most unjustified of all the commodities and could have been controlled well by those in power. But in India it seems that no one cares and the government is in control of nothing!  Read more of the story in, a part of Newsjyoti group.


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