Thursday, July 15, 2010

Debate against hanging? Why?!

Every time a death sentence in pronounced on a dreaded killer or terrorist, the 'so-called intelligentia' of the country gets together and starts a debate on whether the death sentence should be stopped altogether! For God sake do not start it in case of kasab... Let me be very straight-forward regarding this. My view is that if you are a bit lenient towards the likes of Kasab, then you are directly and not indirectly being "unfair, insensitive cruel and even barbaric" towards the likes of little Moshe. Yes, little Moshe, do you care to remember him? He was a 2 year old Israeli child, who had come to visit your country, lost both his parents in the hands of this 'kasai' named Kasab and was seen crying and shouting unconsolably..."Emmmaaaa....." (mama). If you can easily forget and overcome that shout, you may debate against hanging of Kasab and likes. 

What I am trying to emphasize is, are we as a nation being 'selfish and inconsiderate' towards each other? This is heart-breaking that only the close relatives of the dead are seen advocating the death sentence loud and clear (I know millions of those not concerned do so also) but still millions of others are seen either being 'indifferent' towards the matter or worse 'become intellectuals' and start discussing the 'pros and cons' of the sentence. 

Here I am addressing only this 'intelligentia' and the 'care-a-damn' types. I request them to use their power of imagination. Weak-hearts must 'abstain' from the following. 

"Close your eyes and start imagining. Imagine your own loved ones (if you love someone at all!) Imagine your child, your wife/husband, you parents, your beloved BF or GF, your brother/sister....or anyone you cannot think of your life without. Now imagine going out with him/her. You left him/her for a while to bring say, an ice cream for him/her. Okay? ready?? Now imagine him/her to be suddenly lying in a pool of blood after a loud bang. Your loved one who was just smiling at you has been reduced to a 'mass of flesh and blood'. The hand you were holding minutes ago when you left him/her, the same hand is nowhere to be found with this 'body'.....imagine....imagine and then honestly tell me, would you like to ever be lenient the perpetrator? If you really can, only then you can think about talking like an 'intellectual'. But sorry, you still have no right to be such an 'intellectual'. Even if this is in your capacity to 'forgive and forget', still it may not be the capacity of many. You have no right to advocate the forgiveness of those who destroyed their lives forever! Imagine what happens after you succeed in your campaign. Imagine that you are successful in getting the death penalty abolished. Now get forward in time and imagine the year 2023. Kasab has finished his life sentence....he is a healthy 35 year old ...he goes back to Pakistan...falicitated there...the government of Pakistan gives his crores of rupees as reward....a job...settles his life...projects him as a 'public hero'...Read complete at '', a part of Newsjyoti group

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