Thursday, July 15, 2010

Honor killers

They are psychos needing counselling

Some people shall agree a hundred percent with me that those who go on a killing spree
in search of some honor in that are more of psychos than criminals. The problem lies
within our family system; the very system in which we find pride and consider
ourselves a 'superior breed' in the world community.

Consider this scenario: More than 90% of the so-called 'honor killings' in the last
one decade are done by the kin of the girls who got involved in love mariages and not
those of the boy. Let us consider the latest triple murder of Kuldeep, Monica and Shobha.
This gruesome murder is also performed by girls relatives as usual and particularly
the girl's young brother and his friends. This gives weight to my theory. In our
family models, right from childhood, a younger brother is taught to 'father'
his sisters, even the elder ones; so much so that even if he is living off on sister's
earning, he tends to bully and dictate her in her everyday life. He boasts of
being protective of his sister in return of her 'Rakhi' and finds pride in it, though
he is not even aware of the line between being 'protective' and being 'intrusive'!
The silence and tolerance of sisters in this regard only adds to the problem
for themselves as well as for the other girls. In this triple murder case, Monica's
brother Ankit, even when his sister was married for ages and living happily with her
husband in her own home, this boy was continuously threatening them with
consequences, just because they got married against 'his' wishes!

What more can you say other than that the boy needed a psychologist or a psychiatrist 
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